Self-defense, competition, being healthy, having fun.
At WNY MMA & Fitness we have 65+ classes every week to help you achieve your goals.

We’re a team every step of the way.


Boxing. Muay Thai. Kickboxing.
Our striking coaches know what it takes — in the ring, in the cage, on the street, and in practice — and they’re here to help guide you every step of the way.

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BJJ. No-gi. Wrestling.
WNY MMA’s BJJ coaches — including six black belts — will teach you everything from self-defense to the most cutting edge competition centric techniques.

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Feel healthier. Get stronger.
Whatever your fitness goals, our co-ed and women’s only HIIT fitness classes will help you work harder, feel better, move faster, and get stronger.

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Kids Program

Healthy bodies and attitudes.
Providing a safe, positive, and fun learning environment for kids to learn not just kickboxing, wrestling, and BJJ but also anti-bullying and other healthy habits is our goal.

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